If nothing happened when you spoke the example link on the previous page, don't worry. Just follow these steps, and you'll be browsing with your voice in no time:

  1. Say the link more than once. It is possible that your microphone is positioned too close or too far away. The horizontal bar at the bottom of the Conversa Web window indicates the microphone volume level. This bar is called the Voice Meter:

    The color and width of the Voice Meter should change when you speak into your microphone:

    Try it now! Say... "Testing" a few times and watch the Voice Meter.

    If you hear an answer, say "continue" to return to the tutorial. If you still cannot activate links by using your voice, then proceed to step 2.

  2. Start the Audio Setup Wizard and complete each step. By following this procedure, you ensure that your speakers and microphone are functioning properly.

    To run the Audio Setup Wizard:

    1. On the Status menu, click Not Listening.
    2. On the Start menu, point to Programs, and then point to Conversa Web 3.
    3. On the Conversa Web 3 submenu, click Audio Setup Wizard. The Audio Setup Wizard opens.
    4. Follow the instructions to connect your audio equipment and adjust your audio settings. Use the Next button to move from step to step.
    5. When you reach the last step of the Audio Setup Wizard, click Finish.
    6. In Conversa Web, click the Press to Wake Up button to prepare Conversa Web for voice input.

    Try it now! Say...
    "Check" a few times.

    If you hear an answer, then say "continue" to return to the tutorial. If you still cannot visit links by using your voice, then proceed to step 3.

  3. If the previous two steps did not fix the problem, then visit the Conversa Web troubleshooting site.

    Note: Technical support over the phone and by e-mail is only available with the full version of Conversa Web. It's easy to buy the fully functional version of Conversa Web: On the Help menu, click Purchase Conversa Web. Or visit Conversa's Web site for more information.